Submission to the Conjoined International Conference of Department of Geocryology of MSU and International Union for Difficult-to-treat-Diseases

Kazanskaya Church Moscow

The meeting welcomes abstracts related to bacteria in environment, use of probiotics and new concepts, methods, instruments, and regimens for detection or intervention of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, obesity, COPD, metabolic syndrome, prostatomegaly, and other difficult-to-treat diseases, as well as anti-aging research.

Authors can choose their preferred format to submit their abstracts, while are encouraged to limit the abstract to fewer than 1,000 words with sound scientific data, precision Russian, Chinese or English descriptions. The template and detailed instructions for preparing the abstract can be downloaded from the links provided below..

A scientific review committee will assign the submissions into oral or poster presentation. The top submissions will be select for publication in the following journals free of charge.

  1. International Journal of Biological Sciences (Impact factor 4.37)
  2. Journal of Cancer (Impact factor 2.639)
  3. New Approaches Combating Aging & Cancer
  4. Chinese Approaches for Difficult Diseases
  5. Chronic Disease Management & Subhealth Intervention
  6. Journal of Precision Medicine

All the journals are indexed in the Pubmed , Google, and other databases at the end of 2016

A few first or senior authors of 10-15 abstracts with significant scientific or clinical value will be invited for oral presentations and be paid for their traveling, registration, and lodging-related expenses to attend the meeting.

Please address abstract submission-related issues and submit abstract to the office of the conference at: The deadline for abstract submission is May 1, 2016. For latter submission request, please also contact Dr Yan-gao Man at

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