Membership of the International Union for Difficult-to-treat Diseases

International Union for Difflcult-to-treat Diseases (IUDD) offers free membership to all who work with or suffer from Cancer, Hypertension, Arthritis, Diabetes, Obesity, COPD, Metabolic Syndrome, Prostatomegaly, and other difficult-to-treat diseases.

All IUDD members will receive
• discount for attending the IUDD annual conference
• discount for publishing their manuscript in all IUDD journals
• most updated information on the progresses of these difficult-to-treat diseases
• answers and assistance on their request related to these difficult diseases

IUDD membership application form:
Date of birth
Affiliation and/or home address
Contact Phone:

E-mail application form to Dr. Yan-gao Man at:

IUDD will never reveal and/or distribute members’personal information without their signed permission.

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