Bacteria in permafrost – their nature and implications in medicine

Conference in Moscow

The Department of Geocryology of Lomonosov Moscow State University &

International Union for Difficult-to-treat Diseases

It is known that bacteria in our bodies protect our health. Microorganisms inhabit various sites of the human body. The human gut is home to an enormous number of microorganisms, approximately 100 trillion bacteria cells belonging to more than 1,000 species. A core set of microorganisms are common to everybody. Bacteria in permafrost as well as in other severe environment are distinguished by special properties, including extreme resistance and longevity, and what could be their role in human health? More about bacteria surviving in permafrost and other ancient environments is here.


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Yan-gao Man – Co-chairman, Chairman and General Secretary of IUDD, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cancer, USA

Anatoli Brouchkov – Co-chairman, Head of the Department of Geocryology, Faculty of Geology MSU, Moscow, Russia

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Announcement                                                             1 April 2016

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