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Наледи на склонах Аппалачских гор

Геокриологическая карта СССР

Тезисы. Материалы конференции «Геокриологическое картографирование_ проблемы и перспективы»

Программа развития кафедры геокриологии 2014

Брошюра о кафедре геокриологии

Глоссарий Криосфера

Десятая конференция по мерзлотоведению

Влияние растительности на температуры мерзлых пород

Бугры пучения в различных ландшафтах

Арктический шельф

Warming Permafrost Warming of Foundations in Cold Regions

Glaciation, Periglacial Processes and Landforms

Vulnerability of Glaciers and Permafrost

Alpine Permafrost

Transportation Infrastructure in Permafrost Areas

Thermosyphon Foundations in Warm Permafrost

The Thermal Regime of Soils in the North of Western Siberia

The Periglacial Environment

The Age of Antarctic Permafrost

Survival Rate of Microbes after Freeze-Drying and Long-Term Storage

Suggested Best Practic for Geotechnical Permafrost

Scientific American Special Edition – Changing.Earth

Qinghai Tibet Railway

Polar Ice Bacteria

Phylogenetic and Physiological Diversity of Microorganisms Isolated from Ice

Permafrost Warning Impact on Infrastructure

Permafrost Warning

Permafrost Temperature Monitoring System

Permafrost Landforms in Canada

Permafrost in Mongolia

Permafrost Consideration for Mines

Permafrost Change and Infrastructure

Permafrost Basics

Permafrost and Patterned Ground


Northern Pipelines

Methane and Carbon Dioxide in Permafrost

Measurements of Permafrost Table Elevations

Longevity of Cryogenically Stored Seeds

Limits of Microbial Life in Permafrost

Life in Ancient Ice

Late Quaternary climate history of Northern Siberia

Isolation of Nucleic Acids and Cultures from Permafrost

Investigations on the Impact of Permafrost on Weather

Influence of Pleistocene Permafrost on Gas Production


Heat Flow in Permafrost Exercises

Hazards Related to Permafrost

Glossary Permafrost


Geotechnical Investigations

Frost Heave Physics

Foundatios in Areas of Significant Frost Penetration

Extreme Biology

Edoma Map

Dissolved Organic Carbon Fluxes in a Discontinuous Permafrost

Dams in permafrost

Cold Microorganisms Review

Climate Change, Permafrost, and Impact on Infrastructure

Climate Change and Vegetation

Climate Change and Permafrost

Characterization of Viable Bacteria from Siberian Permafrost by PCR

Carbon Cycles in the Permafrost Region

Biological Activity of Frozen Soil

Baseline Geotechnical and Permafrost Data

Bacterial Recovery from Ancient Glacial Ice

Accelerated Thawing of Subarctic Peatland Permafrost

A Mechanism for Differential Frost Heave and its Implications on Pattern Grounds

A Habitat for Psychrophiles in Deep Antarctic Ice









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